Superior Coverage

The Superior Plan will cover any vehicle component that is covered by the original vehicle manufacturers’ warranty, except for the Exclusions and items not covered listed on the vehicle service contact and items listed below:
• Normal Maintenance Service
• Any Body Parts
• Any Tune-up Item

Please refer to Elite Warranty vehicle service contract for a listing of Exclusions, items not covered and the complete terms and provisions.

Rental Coverage

Administrator will cover 1 day of rental for the first 4 hours of published industry standard time of an approved repair. An additional day of rental will be authorized for every additional 8 hours of labor time required to do the repairs. The limit on this reimbursement is up to $40 per day for up to 6 days per Mechanical Breakdown or series of Breakdowns related in time or cause.

Roadside Assistance

Valid for the full term of this contract.
• Towing Assistance
• Jump Start
• Flat Tire Assistance (using your inflated spare)
• Fuel (cost of fuel is extra)
• Lock-Out Assistance (key cutting/replacement is extra)

The Superior Plan is for most passenger vehicles with 75,000 miles or less and 6 model years or less. Does not include commercial use vehicles.

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